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Installing or updating to macOS Mojave takes about 45 minutes to an hour or so, perhaps longer or shorter depending on the Mac model and disk performance. MacOS Mojave has a variety of new great features worth checking out , and it should be a worthwhile update for many Mac users. Do you have any questions or comments about making your own macOS Mojave bootable install drive?

Share your experiences and thoughts in the comments below! Enjoy this tip? Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox! Enter your email address below:. It has been left dormant since early until 3 weeks ago. After I enter my password correctly, no doubt , nothing happens. I am also completely unable to update directly through the appstore as the device software is too old to make the sudden jump from macos Mountain Lion to Mojave, however, the appstore prevents me from updating even to El Captain etc.

Make sure your Mac is compatible with Mojave. Also, The installer does not appear as a bootable drive under Preferences — as I would think it should. Any suggestions Please. To boot from the Mojave installer USB drive you must select that boot disk from the startup menu during system boot, you can do that by hold down OPTION key during system start of the Mac and you can select the Mojave Installer drive from the boot menu.

How to quickly make a Mac OS X bootable USB on Windows

I have a new Macbook air and need to wipe the hard drive install Mojave I have created to install media, but did not use the —nointeraction flag. But when I select it I get the lined circle. I have enabled boot from USB and disabled the security checking too.. I was running Mojave. Thank you! I have already made the bootable USB flash drive. I did this, but chose Disk Utility instead of Install Software.

How do I get back to those choices?

How to Clean Install macOS 10.13 High Sierra

Just click out back to your finder. I see that there has been an update ready for Mac OS Before I wasted time rebooting everything, I used the directions above to make the bootable drive using a nice Samsung 3. I got the install media created and was able to boot… until a circle with a slash shows up. Does anybody know the reason for this?

Billy: You are actually doing everything correctly. The potential reason you are receiving the circle with the slash through it is that your older Apple Macintosh hardware is incompatible with the operating system upgrade. However, if you do have a compatible model from the link below, your drive is encrypted and additional steps are required to facilitate the upgrade. I was able to create bootable USB.

Make a Bootable Flash Installer of OS X or macOS

I tried going in system preference to change the start up disk and USB is not showing up as option. Apple has not been able to help me. Anyone out there have an answer? I thought I did since I downloaded Mojave, but the file was corrupted. Re-downloaded and the message went away. Hope this helps. Sorted… I spent a lot of time to figure out these issues. This is what my experience. Tried the command line to cretae it to 6.

Step 1: Clean system junk on your current Mac OS X

LEt the macpro run for two days as i want to make sure all the updates have done properly. This time this is working fine Erasing disk completed successfully copying to disk completed successfully making disk bootable successful copying boot file successful copy complete and Done. I created the bootable drive but when I tried to boot from it the apple logo appeared with loading bar at the bottom which never finishes loading it continued loading for more than an hour with nothing new. Correct, you need the full installer. I have followed all of the steps correctly, however when I go to boot up my MacBook and install Mojave it tells me that my external hard drive is locked….. The command line syntax must be an exact match, including the path and drive name of the flash drive. And yes the command line also requires precision in capitalization too as part of the syntax, uppercase and lowercase are different.

Same here! I changed it to Untitled and it worked! Thanks for the solution!

I have created the bootable usb and i have booted to the clean install installer but right after selectinv the Install macOS mojave from the option screen wjen it goes to boot the usb apple logo it brings a prohibitory sign at middle of loading to install macOS mojave i have checked the checksum of the downloaded file but looks like it ia ok , i have also checked the startup disk with first aid everything seems ok but still get the prohibitorh sign , i was able to update to mojave but not clean installinv this is really wierd : any soloution to this? Ummm, if this bootable drive will be used just to install Mojave on other Macs then why go through all the hassle of creating the drive when all you have to do is copy the Mojave installer file directly to the USB drive and then double-click on the installer file?

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You can boot up a Mac with the disk, then do whatever you want; format it, update it, perform other tasks from the boot disk. Yes you can use DiskMaker to create a boot MacOS Mojave installation disk, but why bother getting a third party app when you can do it all yourself from the command line? Bear in mind that the case for doing this at all on modern Macs is slimmer than ever if all you want to do is clean install the OS onto one particular machine.

I always get an error on the globe after I connect to the Internet, and sometimes even before. So, the USB key is still very important. I think your issue is that you are issuing the wrong syntax when trying to run the command. The command line requires exactly precise syntax. Name required. Mail will not be published required.

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