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Try this. Once the window opens, put it into list view, and search for anything that has WD or Smartware in it. See if there are any bom files. If so, open the Terminal app, type lsbom followed by a space and then drag the bom file into the window that pops up, and hit the return key. That should give you a complete list of everything the installer put on the machine and where.

Then, manually go to those places and delete the items. Nov 5, 7: I found related files hidden in several places in the system but I'm not sure if I can remove them in a harmless way. Nov 5, The question is: Similarly, how do you know which "WD" items are value-"added" Smartware components that can be safely deleted, and which are somehow related to normal drive functioning?

Nov 5, 1: Nov 5, 2: Nov 5, 3: By knowing what WD installs and where. If any of WD crapware, then nuke it. Nov 5, 6: Might be useful to debug your problem.

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Nov 7, 7: Are these files also part of the Western Digital Smartware software, and if so, should they be deleted? If yes, how should they be deleted?

How to Uninstall and Remove WD Discovery on Windows and macOS

These files are still there after I had successfully run the WD Software Uninstaller that Western Digital posted to their website - http: Nov 8, 4: A way to find out would be to see whether they exist on a recent-ish Mac OS X system that has never had a external Western Digital drive installed. I'm thinking they might needed to have the drive work as a drive. App itself. When I restart, there is no SmartWare icon in the menu.

How to Install WD SmartWare Pro into Windows 10

There is one process running whose name begins with wd, "wdhelper". Notice that "wd" are lowercase. I am, however, dreading the update.

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With these updated software, when you go to install them, they will remove any previous versions of the software and install the new one. Could someone from WD confirm this? It is an upgrade to help prevent the data loss issue with Mavericks. But, no, it will not rebuild or recover the partitions already wiped out. It was Raid 1 for speed as I used it as an emergency boot drive. It is only turned on to do a back-up, typically once a week.

It worked perefectly folloing the installation of Then it booted with no contents showing after perhaps working fine for 2 to 3 back-ups.

I have since left alone and waited to see if Apple or WD come up with a fix. The new WD software no doubt will enable me to restore partitions - they have gone when looked at via disc utility. But have I lost all the data on my drive? Second, I have three other WD drives in various other external enclosures. Is it safe to open these up? I have left well alone but no news yet if this was a WD software issue or something else.

The 1TB drive inside my Mac is one.

How to Uninstall and Remove WD Discovery on Windows and macOS

Did not help me at all. It shows up in the Finder window but any attempt to connect fail. Anyone else with the same problem? The data would need to be recovered, if it can be. Also, restoring the partitions could diminish your chances of ever restoring the data. For your second question, it depends on if you care about voiding any warranties. It also depends on which drives they are. I'm sorry, but those 16 inches are more than enough to damage a drive WD Community The drive is probably physically damaged.

It doesn't take much of a bump to damage them. Professional data recovery is likely the only solution. Joe Read more. WD Community Dropping included, you have several kinds of issues that arise that can cause a drive not to read. The drive itself is broken, which means you can only possibly retrieve your data through data reco