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For all Macs that match a specific secondary display capability or resolution -- courtesy of EveryMac. Please note that "mirroring" means a Mac is capable of displaying the contents of the first display on a second display and "dual" means that a Mac can support two displays with different content on each display. Systems that are listed as "Mirroring Only" but with an asterisk are capable of supporting dual displays with third-party hacks.

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Please also note that this listing is for systems as shipped -- of course, systems that are capable of supporting additional video cards can support additional displays if another video card is installed. Likewise, third-party graphics cards may support resolutions higher or lower than those provided.

In general, please additionally be mindful of asterisks, as these indicate that particularly important details are provided on the complete specs page. If you need help, refer to Mac Identification. No wonder the entire gaming community is so obsessed. Fortnite is everywhere. Even celebrities such as Drake are playing it and breaking records on Twitch. Fortnite is so big, we decided to do something big too.

Instead of testing one of the finest FPS games for Mac on our usual three machines, we tested it on more than two dozen Macs, thanks to you, our readers. We first reviewed the game on May 22, , but Fortnite is an online game that is constantly evolving. Season 7 is the latest example, bringing new game modes, features, and gear to the game.

More importantly, Fortnite continues to slowly improve its Mac Performance.

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You can read more about it below. One of the most popular games ever, Fortnite is an excellent shooter and a generous free-to-play game. Follow the sounds of gunfire to seek out enemies or hide out and gather resources until the final moments of the game. Battle Royale games create tension and excitement like no other genre can and the addition of crafting makes for an even more fun and interesting game.

Add to that well-balanced gameplay, a good variety of weapons, a surprisingly non-toxic community, a generous free-to-play system, and you get the hottest game of the moment. IGN 9. At first sight, this seems like an easy game to run, but we all know how wrong system requirements can be…. On top of that, we launched a huge reader challenge, and with your help, managed to test the game on these models:.

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Why these machines? We always try to test a game on as many different models as possible. But more than that, we aim to test completely different types of Macs: desktops, laptops, old and new. The aim is to give you a flavor of how the game will run on different models. Because we have a lot of results, we decided to separate them into three different categories:. We knew we had to test the game again and can confirm that as of now, January , Fornite on Mac runs much better than it did back in March The raw figures are not any higher compared to our previous results, but the devil is in the details.

The game runs much more stable now. The ridiculous frame drops that plagued the game especially during those first minutes of each match are long gone.

This is the only Mac mini with dedicated graphics, but is it good?

The improvement is noticeable on all three machines. For your reference, this is how we describe the different levels of performance in frames per second :.

Mac mini (Late 2014) - Technical Specifications

In fact, if you have a high-end Mac, you can safely increase settings to the Medium Preset. According to our data, you can if you have a very recent model. Fortnite officially supports the Intel HD Graphics or better. As the last model to use it is from , all recent MacBook Pros should be able to run Fortnite just fine. In theory. The game runs great on most machines, with smooth and fast FPS levels. But only the higher-end models with dedicated graphics cards can handle settings higher than Medium. Using our inch MBP, we tested the following settings:.

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Going from Low to Medium settings requires some horsepower but the graphical improvements are significant. We definitely recommend using Medium settings if your machine can handle it and still run at 40 FPS or better. This is a point where we have to insist.

Fortnite is a competitive shooter where stutters can be a disaster.