Microsoft lifecam nx-6000 mac driver

I don't know why but a friend of mine running also iATKOS S3v2 with Skype 5 was not able to see me but another friend on Win7 with Skype 5 beeing in a conference talk he saw me. After reboot in Win7 the 1st friend could see me as well normally. So this is the happy end of my story.

Can I get Microsoft vx 6000 to work on mac

Thanks again very much to all of you. I posted previously this question. Webcam worked out of the box in SL I didn't try other software. Hello Everyone! I have just installed my VX WebCam. I installed the latest Sonix driver and modify the info.

Can I get Microsoft vx to work on mac | Support Forums

Download and install latest version of Sonix SN9C driver from website. Click here to go to download page. Dont start up the software after installation. Somehow there was no quicktime folder in the users location for me so putting it in the system location worked. Open the WebCam Monitor software by clicking the alias created on your desktop or start up using the applications folder.

Wait for a bit for the Webcam Monitor to find your cam or after the software opens jus minimize it by clicking the titlebar and open using the dock after about secs. This works for me. Hopefully you should see your webcam's name in the software now.. If you do, double click the name and change settings as desired. You should also see your image in the preview screen. Audio should work straight away. You should see the input signal bar move when you talk. So that takes care of it.

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It should work with 3rd party software like skype but no apple software which am okay with as I primarily use skype for video calls. On Lion, my Microsoft cam that fully works on an Snow Leopard If not a complete solution, any ideas on where look towards a solution also greatly appreciated.. Would love to keep Sonix alive in Lion, it's such a versatile driver.

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Sonix driver for VX in Lion Thanks, that sounds good, but.. I'm using a VX, and that doesn't work quite as well.. I've used the Sonix many times in the past years, and have been trying for a while now, with both versions 1.

Microsoft LifeCam NX-6000

You may have to use the reveal triangles to Find your way to the USB hardware listings. I see the Oct models say USB 2.

Loading page content. Jul 1, PM in response to tacitus99 In response to tacitus99 Have not heard of that one. I know the X-Box cam works. I wonder how close the models are?

Microsoft LifeCam NX-6000/VX-1000/VX-3000/VX-6000 Driver 1.4

Reply Helpful Thread reply - more options Link to this Post. Guess the only way is to try one.

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Do you know of any similar type cameras suitable for a PBk? Most are fairly large - this one appealed as it's a torpedo shape, small and goes pretty well with a PBk. One of the probs with the macam site is that the models listed tend to have US model numbers which are often different in the UK. Just one other point - "Try Before you Buy". Is there any way I can check whether video and particularly audio are working in iChat without logging into a wifi network? D if you need to compile something you need this package installed : sudo apt-get install build-essential install linux-headers-'uname -r' linux-source-'uname -r'. I haven't tested your module yet, but I've been reading that thread in the forums and it sure looks promising. Do you know if it ever got merged upstream? Seems 2. I'm testing 2. Thank you for your efforts! I proceeded as you said, but the input level bars didn't spring to life.

I thought it could be because the webcam wasn't "on" no LEDs lit , so I'm on Gmail Video Chat settings now, I can see the cam's image, but the mic level bars in there aren't moving either. Any other ideas? Other than increasing the "input volume" on that screen I'm afraid not. Hopefully someone else knowledgeable will come along LeonNardella Please add this information to your question rather than the answer so it doesn't get buried in the comments, thanks! Sign up or log in Sign up using Google.